From Cairo: El Alamein and Alexandria Guided Day Tour


Embark on a captivating day trip from Cairo to El Alamein and Alexandria, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Egypt’s World War II history and the cultural treasures of its second-largest city. This meticulously curated tour promises a blend of historical exploration, architectural marvels, and serene landscapes.


  1. Explore El Alamein’s Military Museum showcasing an impressive array of weapons, military attire, and tanks.
  2. Pay respects at the (WWII) Cemeteries, a poignant memorial overlooking the sea.
  3. Discover Alexandria’s iconic Pompey’s Pillar, a testament to the city’s ancient past.
  4. Marvel at the grandeur of the Qaitbay Citadel, a 15th-century fortress along the coastline.
  5. Visit the catacombs, the largest Roman cemetery, offering a fascinating insight into ancient burial practices.


  1. Expert Guidance: Enjoy the expertise of a private guide providing in-depth insights into historical sites.
  2. Seamless Transportation: Experience a worry-free journey with hotel pickup, drop-off, and comfortable transportation.
  3. Inclusive Experience: All entrance fees, lunch in Alexandria, bottled water, and service charges are covered.
  4. Serene Escape: Relish a break from the bustling capital, breathing in fresh air and serenity.
  5. Diverse Historical Exploration: From WWII relics to ancient wonders, this tour offers a diverse historical experience.


Discover Egypt’s WW2 History: Embark on a profound exploration of Egypt’s World War II history as we begin our day trip away from the bustling capital of Cairo.

Visit Egypt’s Second Largest City: Escape the urban rush and delve into the serenity of El Alamein, where remnants and cemeteries from World War II stand testament to a pivotal era in global history.

Enjoy Fresh Air Away from the Bustling Capital: Relish a breath of fresh air as we depart from Cairo in the morning, setting the stage for a day of historical immersion and cultural discovery.

Full Description: Commence the day with a hotel pickup in Cairo, and a journey to El Alamein, a site resonating with the echoes of World War II. Explore the Military Museum, housing an impressive collection of weapons, military attire, and tanks.

Continue the odyssey with a poignant visit to the (WWII) Cemeteries, situated on a small peninsula west of the town, overlooking the sea. Pay respects to the fallen and absorb the solemn atmosphere of this historic site.

In the afternoon, our journey leads to Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, where ancient wonders await.

Marvel at Pompey’s Pillar, an iconic symbol of Alexandria’s rich history, before proceeding to the formidable Qaitbay Citadel. Delight in the architectural grandeur of this 15th-century fortress that stands proudly along the coastline.

Conclude the day’s tour with a visit to the catacombs, the largest Roman cemetery in existence, providing a captivating glimpse into ancient burial practices.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off for your convenience
  • Refreshing bottled water to keep you hydrated throughout the day
  • Seamless transportation for a comfortable and worry-free journey
  • Expert guidance from a private guide to enrich your understanding of the historical sites
  • All entrance fees covered for the Military Museum, Cemeteries, Pompey’s Pillar, Qaitbay Citadel, and the Catacombs
  • A delightful lunch in Alexandria to replenish your energy
  • All taxes and service charges, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Pricing Information:

  • Adults: $155 per person
  • Children (2-12 years): $110 per child
  • Infants (under 2 years): Free

Tips and Advice for Travelers:

  1. Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes for exploring historical sites.
  2. Hydration: Bring a refillable water bottle, although bottled water is provided.
  3. Camera Ready: Capture the moments at the picturesque sites, but be respectful in sensitive areas.
  4. Respectful Attitude: Maintain a respectful demeanor, especially at cemeteries and historical sites.
  5. Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen and wear a hat, as some sites may have exposed areas.


  1. Is lunch included?
    • Yes, a delightful lunch in Alexandria is included in the tour.
  2. Are there restroom facilities along the way?
    • Restroom facilities are available at key stops throughout the tour.
  3. How long is the entire day trip?
    • The day trip typically lasts a full day, with hotel pickup in the morning and drop-off in the evening.
  4. Is the tour suitable for all ages?
    • Yes, the tour is designed to be inclusive and suitable for all age groups.
  5. Can I customize the itinerary or add additional stops?
    • Customization options are available; please discuss any specific requests with your guide at the beginning of the tour.